Blouberg Family Practice turns 2!

Blouberg Family Practice would like to thank all our patients for their loyal support these past 2 years and for trusting us with your health, especially during these COVID times.  We wanted to commemorate our 2 year anniversary milestone by assisting NPO’s in our community who were doing remarkable work in assisting our vulnerable communities during the pandemic.

2020 will be known as the year the world went “viral”, both literally and figuratively.  All industry sectors have had to adapt rapidly to integrate their businesses into a digital platform.  Even the healthcare sector, with its traditional roots built on the foundation of human contact, is having to adapt to this new norm.  Words like PPE, self-isolation, quarantine, zoom consultations and meetings have now become entrenched in our daily conversations.  While these turbulent times has shown our human resilience in adapting to challenges and discovering innovative solutions through technological advancements, these very solutions are also contributing to us slowly losing the very essence of what makes us human, our human touch.  We are at risk of losing our ability to reassure someone through touch, the ability to express love through touch, the ability to comfort through touch as we see each other and our world through a computer screen or 2m’s of social distancing.

This pandemic has driven many people towards isolation, towards living in a bubble of fear and anxiety about our uncertain future in a rapidly evolving disaster period.  When we find ourselves in uncharted territory, where there is much that is beyond our control, the only solution is to focus on what is within our control.  We can still be the source of comfort and support for our fellow citizens who are struggling during this pandemic, by providing basic resources like food and warmth during this winter.

Our sincere appreciation to all our patients who assisted us in our winter food and clothes drive. Our food drive was able to provide 1 months food supply to 12 families in the Dunoon area.  The food drive was done in collaboration with the NPO Boost Africa foundation, who distributed the food parcels to needy families within the Dunoon community.









The winter clothes drive was part of an initiative to assist the NPO Little lambs in their outreach programme that provides toiletries and clothes to vulnerable members of the Dunoon community.   



While there is much that this pandemic is taking away from each of us, our ability to help each other is still very much within our control, so let’s use it to make a difference to at least one person.  Please support both these NPO’s to continue the much needed work they’re doing in this vulnerable community.

Boost Africa

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Blouberg Family Practice will be closed from Thursday 17 September 2020 till 28 September 2020 for a short well deserved break.  For any emergencies please contact your nearest hospital.